Server Rules




1. No griefing. Do not destroy terrain, grief unclaimed builds, or abuse land claim trust to grief a build. If it isn’t your build or claim, leave it alone.

2. No stealing. This includes anything owned by another player. If it isn’t labeled “free items” or “take what you need” or something similar, and isn’t yours, then leave it alone. We can audit inventories to know who the rightful owner is.

5. Play with integrity. If you make a deal with someone to trade or provide a service, honor it. This also applies to buying in shops.

6. Don’t attack or kill other players unless both parties have agreed to PVP.

7. Don’t kill named or trapped hostile mobs, animals inside enclosures, or pets owned by another player.

8. Clean up behind yourself. Don't leave creeper holes, scaffolding, or temporary structures everywhere. Don’t leave floating trees or only remove a few logs from them. Farm the entire tree and replant it, unless you’re clearing space for a build.

9. Don’t mess with another player’s redstone machines or farms. If you’ve been given access to a machine or farm, use it as intended and replant seeds or replace raw materials that you use.

10. When obtaining your first elytra on the server, use one of the gateways in the negative X direction and continue traveling that way to find one. After obtaining that elytra, return back and travel in the positive X direction to obtain a backup elytra. Obtaining elytras are capped at 2 every 2 weeks per a custom plugin.

11. No more than 70 passive mobs or villagers per base or player-owned area. Too many mobs in one area causes lag.

12. Build hostile mob killing chambers with a 2x2 hole so that entity cramming can thin out excessive amounts of hostile mobs to reduce lag.


13. Do not build within 300 blocks of spawn, 300 blocks from the nether hub on the nether roof (except for building paths,) or on the main end island at all. This includes bridging from the main end island over the void; don’t do it, use a gateway. Ask for permission if you have a build in mind in these areas.

14. Building within the existing districts requires permission unless at least 100 blocks away from the outermost build.

15. Don’t build near other player-bases without permission. Give people some room or ask to be neighbors. Just because a land claim hasn’t been created doesn’t mean that it’s okay.

16. Do not build thematically inconsistent or ugly builds. Observe the building style and zoning ordinances of the town or district you are building in. Never build a giant cobblestone monstrosity. Build with a variety of blocks, geometry, and depth. Using one type of block or shape for an entire build ends up looking ugly and lazy. Limit the size of your builds to that which can be detailed effectively.


Players are encouraged to build a shop of specific item types in the Shopping District once earning the rank “Builder” by proving their building ability. Ask a mod to review a build. Applying to be approved for a shop can involve drawing something, showing a build on the creative server, or showing your building skills at your own base. Shops should be built in a modern-fantasy style.

17. Elytra shops are not allowed.

18. Keep your shop stocked. If you do not keep your stop shocked for 30 days, the building will be leased at auction. For another 30 days, the new shop owner will only be able to edit chests. After that, the entire building ownership will go to the new player.

19. Build a shop for a specific item or related item types. General stores are not allowed, as we already have a vendor-based supermarket and a mini-mart with diamond trades.

20. Try to match the height requirement of the other shops in the Shopping District.


Land Claims:

21. Only claim land where you intend to build. If you don’t build there after 30 days, it will be removed.

22. Don’t spam claims everywhere. If we believe you are abusing this feature, we will revoke all claim blocks.

23. Don’t claim land right next to another player without permission. Ask them if it’s okay as they may want to build there.


24. Do not ever build a lag machine. If you have an idea for an EoL or heavy tps draining farm, ask an admin and pitch the idea. Test it in your own world or server with carpet mod to determine how it will affect the server performance and report back to admins.

25. For any farm, storage system, or other redstone contraption or farm please consider how much server lag and CPU usage you are causing by running it. If your system contains an exorbitant amount of hoppers and chests, please cut down on them by using water streams or limiting the flow of items where applicable. If your machine is bleeding edge or absurdly large, please consult the mod or admin team.

26. Chunk loaders require permission to be used. We need to know a) what farms/machines will be running in the loaded chunks and b) why this requires a chunk loader. The chunk loader also must have either an off switch or an automatic shut-off mechanism when storage is full.

These rules are subject to change at any times without warning. Please periodically check in to see if anything has changed.