Kish's Testimonial

Written by Kishku7 on 07/01/2024

Torrent SMP Life


Lifesteal Season 1

Written by JerichoTorrent on 05/05/2024


Lifesteal Season 1 Will Launch June 1st, 2024

Torrent Lifesteal will be an epic new server under your favorite Torrent Network. This server is ambitious, revolutionizing the Lifesteal genre for seasoned fans of the gamemode looking for something new. All members that play for the first hour will get a completely FREE Lifesteal crate key, with chances to win hearts, revive beacons, as well as custom modeled armor and tools. Expanding on our alien invasion story, this server expands our lore to the next level, as well as the incredible gameplay experience.


- Of course the Lifesteal gamemode itself, where unaliving a player steals a heart and adds it to your max HP

- Custom modeled/textured items, including several sets of armor and tools

- Several crates with custom keys

- Extremely customized ranks

- Quests with custom storylines, not the drab daily quests you see on many other servers

- Multiple BEAUTIFUL warps for you to explore and earn epic rewards

- The chance to become a legend, becoming the most powerful player on the server and earning long-term ranks and prestige

- Fully integrated server economy with shops, auction house, and more

- Dungeons with custom boss fights to gain even more hearts and epic rewards

- Custom coded McMMO retranslation with lore galore


Torrent Lifesteal will be a mindblowingly unique server with custom java code and amazing 3D modeling art, epic and engaging gameplay, and an amazing place to play with your friends. Easily join at the IP
This season will run for 3 months of epic gameplay. Gear up at spawn, check out our awesome warps, do quests, explore dungeons. Kill your friends, or team up with your friends to dominate the server. The story begins June 1st.


Written by JerichoTorrent on 06/28/2024


SkyFactions is a completely original gamemode currently being developed on Torrent Network. This is a little background information about it. First of all, I recently installed Pterodactyl on an Oracle Cloud virtual machine instance, so I found myself with an additional set of resources to play with, develop, and launch new servers. I also used this instance to create a new Minehut proxy server, hosted in America with much better ping than the one we had hosted in Germany (Hetzner.) Skullian and I had been working on ideas for a new server for several months, and the project (and our group chat) just fizzled out over time. Recently, I contacted Skullian with some fresh new ideas and we got back to work.

You can check out our working docs at TerraByteDev, our new organization, or our Github repo. The server is based around a new open-source custom plugin called SkyFactionsReborn. This plugin elegantly combines the gamemodes of Factions and Skyblock with a ton of new fun and unique features. Skullian has been hard at work coding this plugin, including making custom GUIs, island generation, faction mechanics, and more. The essence of the gamemode is explained in further detail below.

As a new player, you spawn into the hub. This hub will be a floating island containing a few buildings, infographics, NPCs and more. Here, you can create a sky island, create or join a faction, raid a random player's island, and raid a faction island. A faction is just that, a group of players coming together to form a coalition. This faction consists of a lord, who owns the faction and runs it as he sees fit. Furthermore, the lord can appoint knights, vassals, barons, and other nobles to administrate his faction. If enough players want to split off from the main faction, or an allied faction wants to combine forces, you can create a nation. The founding faction is called the Royal Faction, and the lord of the Royal Faction is a king of the nation.

The quintessential component of both a faction island or a player island is the Obelisk. This block contains everything administrative about your island or faction, in an easy to navigate GUI menu. From here you can create defenses, delete your island, promote or demote players in your faction, and much more. Every island contains an Obelisk and you must place it down to place or break blocks on your island. During raids, another important mechanic on Torrent SkyFactions, the Obelisk will be an important resource to defend and prevent a player from breaking it.


When you create an island, you spawn on a pre-generated schematic of a tried and true skyblock island, complete with basic resources to get started, make a cobblestone generator, and a basic farm. If you fail, don't worry because you can acquire these items again using other methods at the hub, or by joining/creating a faction and having access to another island. The island can only be expanded within a 200x200 region, but the faction island is 300x300, giving you much more space to work with. The Obelisk allows you to do many things within your island. To further explore the in-game systems, head back to the hub every now and again to check out our shops, raids, and factions.

You can raid a random island to plunder them, gain epic rewards, and climb your way to the top of the leaderboard. If you get raided, and your Discord account is linked, you will get notified that you are actively being raided. If you can't make it online, you better have some good defenses! There are a few requirements to complete the raid, as well as a time limit. The raid ends when the requirements are complete, the timer ends, or the attacker dies.


On this server, you can create a faction and invite your friends to join it. As the lord of your faction, you have the freedom to be a tyrant, or benevolent ruler. This gives you access to another, bigger island to build on, as well as participating in faction raids. Faction raids are much more epic than player island raids, because you can raid an island with your entire faction in tow. You can also target specific islands to raid, depending on your relationship with that faction. Ally with a faction, become neutral with them (default relationship,) or become sworn enemies. Each relationship comes with its own nuances and it can be changed with peace treaties or declarations of war.

Factions have access to much more substantial defenses, as well as a more feature-rich Obelisk. Your faction will share resources; utilizing donations, power level, and raids to level up your island and faction's status within the server. During a faction raid, everyone will be notified in both factions that the raid has begun. Faction raids can last hours, or even days depending on how powerful the faction is. This is where the most cinematic battles take place.

Projected Launch: October, 2024
As we are building this server from scratch with a ton of custom features, it will take a ton of work to get this server up and running. Beta testing will open in early September. Join our Discord if you'd like to help us game test this server and make it as polished as possible. The official launch will be announced soon!

The Dark Side of the Minecraft Community

Written by JerichoTorrent on 05/29/2024


So, it's just Minecraft right? We're all trying to just play our favorite game and have some fun, right? For most people, this is true. However, a small subset of the community exists for the sole purpose of ruining someone's day. Cybercrime like DDoS attacks, hacking, social engineering, grooming, and other awful situations occur daily for Minecraft servers. Some server owners themselves are insanely toxic. Just look at some of our favorite Minecraft Youtubers, like Lee from Stampy's Lovely World and... others. Then there's the Dream allegations; which let's be quite clear about, he disproved every single one of them with receipts. Still, this shows just the tip of the iceberg of the prevailing toxic mindset of a lot of the Minecraft community.

Last year, I was in a Discord server centered around using a bot to ping servers to find their IP, the members playing on them, and as much information as they could scrape about them. A lot of these "server pinging bots" are harmless. Take matscan and cuute for instance. They usually just ping a bunch of servers, warn them to turn on a whitelist, then leave. Some of these bot developers just enjoy collecting data. There's really nothing to it. I've asked some of them "why?" and their response is "because I felt like it and I like data." However, this Discord server was beyond toxic. They were pinging servers to find vulnerabilities and grief or hack them. Some guy in there was being an idiot, annoying everyone by spamming and just being a child. I told him to shut up. Then the next thing I knew, my whole network was shut down, as well as my website. They had DDoS attacked my network for 3 days straight with a UDP flood attack. This of course is a federal crime in America, but these guys were in Singapore so they didn't care.

When I first joined the GamerSafer community and had my server verified on, I found a great community of server owners all trying to help each other out. Without fail, their network was DDoS attacked at an extreme level. Their website and services were down for over a week. Being that they were a for-profit business (just like we are,) the criminals caused real monetary damage. So why do people do this? For fun. In some sad, pathetic way, causing a legitimate business to have losses is fun for them. Even though the business is morally of good standing and is a beacon of positivity, some people just want to watch the world burn.

Then there is the individual instance of toxic players joining your server to try and cause problems. We've dealt with people who we thought were our friends that cause petty drama and get into arguments over nothing, then go in communities you brought them into and get themselves blacklisted. Then when you cut them off, they hack your server and build lag machines to crash it. You know who you are, Mr. Yoda. Sometimes players join to speedrun getting banned. Other times they join to doxx you or just insult you and your network. We let this roll off our shoulders and move on.

The Veil of Anonymity

The reason why a lot of people online tend to let out their toxic side, is because they're anonymous. This gives them a form of power. They can do whatever they want to you and you can't do anything to "get them back." There are certain burner Discord users and Minecraft accounts that have gone out of their way to hurt me and take down my server. If they're smart, they were on an account not connected to them in any way (which is impossible on a non-cracked server like mine) and on a VPN and vmware. Still, someone with enough knowledge of networking could find them. They think they're invincible. If they find any route to hurt you or expose something about you, like your personal information, they will use it against you in cruel ways until they get bored and move on to a new target.

It's essential to maintain proper operational security online. Layer 7 DDoS protection on our servers, not connecting our personal information to our online presence, and other security measures are essential to continue operating. Otherwise, these trolls would just ruin the experience for everyone. This is part of running a public network and service for everyone. Some rotten apples are bound to try and spoil the bunch. If you read this blog post and take away one thing, don't connect your personal life to your online gaming presence. Trust me.

Lifesteal Season 1

Written by JerichoTorrent on 05/05/2024


Lifesteal Season 1 Will Launch June 1st, 2024

Torrent Lifesteal will be an epic new server under your favorite Torrent Network. This server is ambitious, revolutionizing the Lifesteal genre for seasoned fans of the gamemode looking for something new. All members that play for the first hour will get a completely FREE Lifesteal crate key, with chances to win hearts, revive beacons, as well as custom modeled armor and tools. Expanding on our alien invasion story, this server expands our lore to the next level, as well as the incredible gameplay experience.


- Of course the Lifesteal gamemode itself, where unaliving a player steals a heart and adds it to your max HP

- Custom modeled/textured items, including several sets of armor and tools

- Several crates with custom keys

- Extremely customized ranks

- Quests with custom storylines, not the drab daily quests you see on many other servers

- Multiple BEAUTIFUL warps for you to explore and earn epic rewards

- The chance to become a legend, becoming the most powerful player on the server and earning long-term ranks and prestige

- Fully integrated server economy with shops, auction house, and more

- Dungeons with custom boss fights to gain even more hearts and epic rewards

- Custom coded McMMO retranslation with lore galore


Torrent Lifesteal will be a mindblowingly unique server with custom java code and amazing 3D modeling art, epic and engaging gameplay, and an amazing place to play with your friends. Easily join at the IP
This season will run for 3 months of epic gameplay. Gear up at spawn, check out our awesome warps, do quests, explore dungeons. Kill your friends, or team up with your friends to dominate the server. The story begins June 1st.

How to Join the Network on Console

Written by JerichoTorrent on 05/13/2024

This guide works across all consoles with Minecraft Bedrock Edition. You need to use the BedrockTogether app or change your DNS settings. This is all dependent on what console you have, but one of these methods should work.

Xbox and PlayStation:

•Download the BedrockTogether app on mobile for IOS or Google play. On Android you will need MC Lan Proxy (Bedrock Together is not supported on Android, however, a paid app called MC Lan Proxy can be used instead)

•Start the Bedrock Together app, where you will see Connect and an area to enter the IP and Port for your server

•Enter the following into these fields:

•Then click the Run button to start the app, and it'll work to route the connection to your Xbox or Playstation

•Open Minecraft on your console and navigate to the Friends tab and then locate the LAN section. The server will be displayed here

•You can now select the server to begin connecting. Once you're connected, you can then close the Bedrock Together app

Add Jerich03055 as a friend on Xbox. He is ALWAYS running a session of the server. You can simply join his game from your friend's list.

Nintendo Switch:

•On the home screen, navigate to System Settings

•Navigate to Internet

•Click Internet Settings and select your current network under Registered Networks

•Locate the DNS Settings option and select Manual

•Select the Primary DNS option and set the value to if you’re in the US, 

•Select the Secondary DNS option and enter

•Click save

•Open your Minecraft application and click Play from the main menu

•Afterward, head towards the Servers tab and join any featured one

•Once in-game, click Connect to a Server from the new menu that appeared

•Enter the ip and port of the Torrent Network

•Click the Add to Server List option and press Submit to begin playing on the server.


•Changing your DNS settings will work on Playstation or Xbox as well. Depending on the user’s preferences it may be easier to just make a one time change to your DNS settings, and third party apps are known not to work for Switch.

•On Windows, you don’t need Third Party apps nor do you need to change DNS settings.

Tutorial video for Switch and Xbox One

Tutorial video for Playstation

How Torrent Began

Written by JerichoTorrent on 02/08/2024


I started making Minecraft servers in 2018. I had an Xbox world with corrupted chunks so I decided to buy Minecraft java on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (yeah I know, pretty bad.) My roommate at the time and I created a server on Aternos and it was dog water. We couldn't really do anything on there and it was extremely laggy. Eventually we started paying for a server on Apex and it was incrementally better, but looking back their servers were atrocious as well. The Multicraft panel most hosts used back then were astoundingly slow and the features were quite limited, compared to forks of Pterodactyl you see today. We installed a few basic plugins and had a ton of fun. It was just me, my roommate, and the occasional player that joined from Planet Minecraft. That was the wave back then; players would join random servers and actually stick around. I would add just about every silly and dumb plugin I could find and I remember searching for plugins for hours, using Multicraft's search feature. They were good times.

I was studying fine art in college at the time and found it to be an especially great way to stay creative yet have a break from my many hours of painting and drawing. I was able to have control over the gameplay of my favorite game like I never had before. I spent that time learning all that I could about server management and basic IT skills. Eventually, people stopped playing on that server, including my roommate and friends. I was basically paying about $20 a month for a single player world. After feeling super alone on that server, I eventually stopped paying. When Apex deleted my server files, I realized I had never saved a back up to my hard drive. RIP Boncraft, you will be missed.


In 2022, I was cruising through my last semester in college and was really in my flow of creating art. I found myself still wanting to be creative after literally drawing for 12 hours a day. So I loaded up Minecraft yet again, this time creating a new single player world on a random seed. I found myself settling next to a nice river and found a skeleton spawner. I made a grinder and settled into this expansive cave soon after the Caves and Cliffs update came out. It was glorious. Then I hear from my friend HighVibrations for the first time in a while. We catch up and he hits me with "dude we need to get back into Minecraft." I told him "I already have a world, I'll buy a server right now."

We decided to call it QuantumCraft. This time I hosted it on Shockbyte, somehow even worse than Apex. That's what I get for doing no research. I didn't even know what hardware they used (old Intel Xeons) or what their support was like (weeks to get back to your for an urgent ticket.) We chugged along and slowly expanded it, this time learning from my mistakes in the past. We quickly started to develop a real player base. That's around the time when Loard_Jaguar and Zewaxo joined, who really helped make the server special.

Things slowly developed for 6 months when the server started to catch on fire daily due to Shockbyte's hardware not keeping up with what we were trying to do. This time I wanted something different so I let a friend I had met through the Minecraft community host my server. I was his first customer. Things were all over the place for a bit. There was a big learning process on both of our parts, but I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything because I got much more involved with the backend and learned a ton.


After lots of hiccups I decided to switch gears and look for another change. This time I did much more research about hosting providers, the hardware requirements of modern Minecraft, as well as coming up with a concrete vision for my server. I had always wanted to run a creative mode server for collaboration and planning purposes, so I decided to buy a new server with a new host and transfer the SMP there. I turned the current server into a creative plot server and began developing both servers together. I did a complete rebranding, and tried to get the community to forgive me after losing 11 days of progress when the SMP accidentally got completely wiped and the backups were corrupted.

I decided to come up with a new name for the server, as QuantumCraft didn't even fit the server's theme at all (if it even had one.) We were an SMP with history, lore, and a ton of awesome builds. We needed a name that was unique and had real meaning. That's when I came up with the name Torrent. BitTorrent peer to peer Protocol was an interesting phenomenon to me. Instead of a downloadable file being hosted in one place, through one webserver, BitTorrent allowed thousands of users to "share" the file(s), and the age of piracy was a crazy counter-culture. I remember reading about sites that gave you access to millions of torrented media files, but only if you contributed to the cause yourself, which you were literally tracked to comply with. I was quite the little torrenter as a young teenager trying to listen to 90s rock on my ipod, and not wanting to pay $12 for an album I'd listen to once. I in no way endorse or encourage piracy, but I'm just telling you the mindset I had as a kid.

The name Torrent activated nostalgia for me. Henceforth we were the Torrent SMP & Torrent Creative. Not long after, I had a dream of running a hardcore server, then in a bid to expand my playerbase and offer more gamemodes, I started Torrent Hardcore and used a proxy server to link them together. We were split in so many different directions at this point. The server had zero codified gameplay loop other than Vanilla Minecraft, but the servers had so many features that it was almost impossible to explain what the network was all about. Plus I got excited about lifesteal and knew I wanted to apply some conscious thought to my decisions.

My dad once told me that "if you can't explain it in one sentence, you don't know what it's about." I certainly had no idea how to string it all together. This is when I decided instead of just having the quasi-lore underneath the bloat of features and random content I had added over the past year, I was going to write my own lore with the help of my team. We came up with all sorts of connecting storylines surrounding ancient civilizations, alien invasion, epic lost ruins and much more. This tied into the content we've added, removed, and consolidated to make it all fit together. To a certain extent, all three servers are starting to come into their own and tie into each other at the same time. It feels like we're finally moving in a good direction. That brings us to today. Sure, the network is small and we'll be lucky to have 20 players on at once. Having that core community that's invested in the project is all I need to keep going.

We've begun to turn Minecraft into a completely different gameplay loop and I'm all for it. We've been developing custom plugins for features other servers simply don't have. We've been creating resource packs to add custom and original items to the game. We've even written quests with unique dialogue and events, of course containing the intricate storylines written by some incredibly creative people. So if you want to escape your reality for any kind of reason, this just might be the place to do so.

The Dead Period

Written by JerichoTorrent on 02/03/2024

Torrent is on life support right now. I wanted to write this to share my thoughts and feelings during the worst dead period of my Minecraft servers and where we go from here. There comes a point in every creator or server owner’s journey where he reaches a crossroads: pull the plug or switch gears.

For the first year of Torrent’s life we saw an awesome community develop. The whole time I worked a job servicing commercial insurance policies and really felt miserable at work. I would come home and get a few hours of joy from my community and working on Minecraft servers you guys loved. It was one of the few things that kept me going during a difficult period of my life.

January has been a crazy month for me. I tendered my resignation at my job to pursue my art career, after getting a bachelors degree in fine arts and doing almost nothing with it. I’m finally going to start my art practice in full and try to make some money with it. While this chapter closing is extremely exciting and nerve-wracking, watching my Minecraft servers die has been disheartening. Knowing all the work, creativity, and research I’ve done into growing this community is now being seen by like 2-5 people a day is painful.

I’ve reached out to freelancers about setting up an advertising campaign, but the prices I’m getting quoted with are insane. It’s also extremely hard to tell what someone can bring to the table. I’m planning to reach out to some Youtubers and TikTokers to drum up some interest in content creation on Torrent. We’ll see how that goes.

If you’re reading this as a former player of Torrent, someone who only joined once, or perhaps someone who found this website while surfing the internet, send me an email: Let us know what we should change, add or remove from our network to make it more appealing to play on. Give us honest feedback and constructive criticism. We need it.

Now that all that depression is over, I will not give up on my network. I have no sunk cost fallacy here because all the money I’ve invested in this network has paid off. We still have an amazing cluster of servers and I’m proud of them. Even if nobody plays on them, I still appreciate what community we did manage to cultivate and I’m excited to see where it goes.

So what are the plans going forward? I’ve split my focus so many times I think it’s time to hone in on a few concepts. First of all, I keep thinking about the phrase “if you build it, they will come.” Instead of trying to advertise an unfinished network with no codified gameplay loop, I think it’s time to actually establish our vision and create a satisfying and meaningful opportunity for unique experiences. For example, I’m moving more into the realm of MMORPG, bosses, and custom items. Many long-time players on the server have run out of things to do, so giving them an experience that can push them farther and give them new goals is essential.

Vanilla Minecraft has died. The days of punching trees, mining for diamonds, and gearing up to fight the ender dragon is long gone. You can only do that so many times before you ask, “why am I doing this? What do I gain from doing this for the 100th time?” Minecraft has continually added new content to the game that does little in the way of expanding the core gameplay loop. Building, mining, and designing farms is not enough to keep a community going. We need fun events; we need automation. Most of all, we need to be able to give people new goals and achievement.

Among my favorite game series are Fallout, Dark Souls, and Half Life. These games offer an immersive experience that keeps you coming back years later. The immersion and obsession you feel when diving into these games is immaculate. There are clear goals set out for you, but it’s ultimately your choice how you want to play, the type of character you want to be, and the way you attack a situation. This is my goal for Torrent. Whether we stay just as a Minecraft Network or expand to other games or platforms, the ultimate goal is just that, goals.

For now the staff team is hard at work developing lifesteal and the SMP expansion. Special thanks to Skullian and Kiokugames for all your epic hard work developing and coding systems for the network from scratch. The people we have here are truly wizards of talent. If you’ve made it this far in this article, just know that I’m not giving up, but rather listening to the community and committing myself to building an experience where you get to set goals for yourself and get immersed in what we create. This is where escapism goes to die.

The Vision of Torrent SMP

Written by JerichoTorrent on 07/22/2023

A short time ago my server was called QuantumCraft. I liked the name at first but realized the name for my server was not unique at all and there were many other servers of the same name. Also, the name sounds kind of pretentious and pedantic, especially since I know very little about quantum physics and the server has nothing to do with it.

I decided to change the name and had a funny idea. I remembered how Fromsoftware had a horse in Elden Ring called Torrent, so that if anyone ever googled “Elden Ring Torrent” they would find pictures of a silly ghost horse instead of a pirated copy of the game. Thus, I named my server Torrent SMP. My hope was that people who search for “Minecraft Torrent” would find my server instead of cracked copies of the game. Because they can’t play on my server without the premium copy, it would bring nothing but attention to and hits on my webpages.

Another realization hit me soon after: the real reason for the name Torrent. Every server owner crafts a “vision” for his or her Minecraft Server. It’s an action plan per se. A server needs to offer something specific and unique to attract players. Otherwise, the server will blend in with the thousands of other servers all over the internet. I began crafting a plan for my server to bring elements of several server types together, such as economy, pvp, and survival. Slowly but surely, I added new features like chest shops, villager shopkeepers, holographic text, ranks and other in-game features like roads and several districts. Every day the server came closer to emulating real life. If a torrent is a cracked copy of a game or application, could my Minecraft server be a cracked version of real life?

Now a new idea had dug its way into my brain. I had to emulate real life in a way that other servers hadn’t done. There are geopolitical, economic, anarchy, and every other type of gamemode on other servers, but I had to combine a little bit from all of them to truly emulate real life. So now we project our little community out into the future. I see cities with actual business working to sell products, go public and sell shares to shareholders, and insurance companies peddling property and casualty policies. I see players battling in gladiator-style arenas for glory and prizes (ok this one isn’t very realistic, but Ancient Rome was a thing.) I see players getting married, having Minecraft NPC children, then getting divorced and one winning half the assets in court. I see a player committing a crime and getting sentenced to prison to provide labor for pennies on the dollar.

This is my vision for the Torrent SMP, where escapism comes to die. I plan to keep expanding this community and hope to rely on donations to keep things afloat. We will create content, stream, and connect with other server owners and players across the greater Minecraft community. Lastly we will become a mainstay server that actually can stand on its own two feet, and last a hell of a lot longer than most SMPs.


Written by JerichoTorrent on 07/09/2023

If you’ve joined the server you’ve likely noticed ranks next to player names in the chat and tablist that correspond to roles in the discord. We use the plugin LuckPerms to manage permissions on the server. Read the commands guide for the full list of commands available to default players. LuckPerms allows us to use permission nodes to set specific commands that players have access to, depending on what group they are in. What does this mean? What permissions do these ranks entail? Do they cost money? Let me break them down for you.


That’s me, PleaseSignOut. I run the server and pay for everything so naturally I will have permissions not available to other players, however I share all these permissions with my other admin. I only enter OP mode when absolutely necessary or a permission is not working.


HighVibrations and I share this rank. This rank allows us to moderate players, oversee the server, and do back-end work within the game. We have only given ourselves the necessary permissions to run the server smoothly. Admins can access the server console to stop and start the server. They can access server files and plugins and do pretty much everything to run the server. Nobody else will ever be given this rank. Any decision made by one of the admins is a mutual decision. The permissions we have access to in-game are as follows:


Moderators are considered my trusted staff members. They have the power to ban, tempban, mute, and pardon players after determining whether they are breaking the rules. You cannot buy this rank, you must earn it by proving yourself as a trusted and valued member of the server. You must also show that you can enforce rules and be fair and just with punishments.


Builders have shown themselves to be trusted members of the server and are known to help others. They also might be given this rank if they’ve shown exceptional building or redstone skills. If you have the builder rank, you can build a shop in the shopping district.

More ranks and permissions are coming soon. Ranks are relatively new on the server so we are still working on what each rank should entail. If anyone has any suggestions, leave them in the discord in #general.


The following is a list of commands available to new players on Survival:

/balance and /money

Shows your player’s money

/mail, /mail new

Send and receive mail (messages), a way to contact offline players

/msg, /tell, /pm <player> <message>

Whisper directly to a player 

/pay <player> <amount>

You can pay other players for trade deals or for doing a service


Drag and drop items into the GUI and close it out or hit the nether star to sell it 


Part of land claiming, this allows you to reclaim your available claim blocks and abandon the claim you’re standing in


Self explanatory 

/trust <player or all>

Gives full trust to player to build, destroy, and access containers in your claim 

/containertrust <player or all>

Gives full access to containers, beds, animals, buttons and levers in a claim 

/accesstrust <player or all>

Only gives access to beds, buttons and levers in a claim 

/transferclaim <player>

Gives a claim to another player 

/givepet <player>

Pet will now be owned by another player, make sure the pet is not seated or the player will have to come find it. Otherwise it will tp to the new owner


Create a subdivision within your own claim, with a different set of permissions for each subdivision 

/buyclaimblocks <value>

Buy claim blocks from the server. Keep in mind you accrue 100 every hour, but if you need more you can buy them.

/sellclaimblocks <value>

Sell claim blocks to earn profit on the extra claim blocks you've accrued.


Read the server rules. Don’t forget to press t to read the full list and type /rules 2, /rules 3, etc to read through each page. There is also a rule book in front of you right at world spawn. We’ve recently found out that accessing the rules and spawn chests is not working as intended; we are working out the issue

/ecs create <buy price> <sell price>

By holding an item in your hand, you can use this command to make an ez chest shop out of it. Make sure to fill up the chest with items, as it sells items directly from the chest

/ecs remove

Delete the ez chest shop you are looking at (only works if it’s yours!) 


View the live map


Opens up a panel with information about the server nested inside of it. A very useful command!


Opens up a panel, which is nested inside of /guide, with a list of these commands and a similar explanation.


View my Twitch channel where I stream gameplay on the server


View the official Torrent SMP Youtube channel


Vote for the server on Minecraft server listing sites. Upon clicking a site a link will be posted in chat. Click this link, input your playername, and click vote to register your vote for Torrent SMP. Voting earns rewards in the form of voting points which you can spend with the below command.


Spend your voting points in an in-game shop menu.

/sit, /lay, /spin

You can sit, lay down, or spin in place with these commands.

Portal Guide

Written by JerichoTorrent on 07/02/2023

You may have noticed portals in the overworld on this server. Many servers have the /home, /tpa, and /warp commands, but we don’t. In lieu of teleporting with your own commands, we have portals to link the major districts. The portals are linked up with commands and are located in the Teleportation Hub. If you have built a significant base far from spawn and have contributed at least a little to the server, ask the admins for an incoming portal to the hub. You will have to build it (any material works) and admins will link it for you. Outgoing portals are reserved only for major districts.

We still have the nether as an option, which is preferred for new players who are trying to travel quickly to their base. Our nether hub is on the nether roof and there are roads to connect the portals to the hub. If you want to build a portal, find the nearest path as a jumping off point and connect a new path. Feel free to connect a portal below the roof as well. If you don’t know how to link nether portals, watch a video, but the basic gist is that coordinates in the overworld are 8x the coordinates in the nether. The paths are constructed out of deepslate brick slabs, diorite slabs, and light poles made out of polished diorite, diorite walls and lanterns.

The /rtp portal at spawn is intended to quickly get players a start away from major districts. We may add other portal types in the future with different commands. You may wonder: why would you go through all this trouble rather than adding teleportation commands for players to use? The answer is that on the Torrent SMP we despise the way Minecraft servers nowadays are bloated with gamemodes and have strayed so far from Vanilla that there are no stakes. On a P2W server with crates, tp, spawners, massive inequality and inflation, and bought ranks, where exactly is the authentic Minecraft experience? We do things a bit differently over here.

Server Philosophy

Written by JerichoTorrent on 06/03/2023

This server is intended to hold everyone to the same standard of rules with an emphasis on freedom. Everyone, including the server admins (and the owner) will follow the rules. I don’t cheat and always intend to maintain server integrity. The rules are intended to create a stable economy, not restrict players so nobody gets offended. We will never reset the world, so you can be confident your build will stay on the server much longer than most servers.

If you see an admin in OP mode, flying, or deleting entire buildings at a time, please don’t jump to crying admin abuse. We will ONLY do this to remove an inactive player’s build, create a new biome, or repair a major grief. We do not use OP mode to just play survival or save ourselves when we’re about to die. Everything you see in this world was built entirely in survival without a single second in creative mode or the use of /give. 

We want to create a community of players who engage with each other meaningfully. We encourage players to help each other and trade with each other when needed, but to get their own start and grind to get ahead in the game. My general rule on this is: don't play like a communist.

All these rules and regulations might make people think we are trying to restrict people’s play. Quite the opposite actually. As a libertarian Minecraft server, we believe my rights end where your rights begin, and as admins we step in as little as possible. In your own secluded area, you can build or do pretty much whatever you want. We never moderate chat. However, just like in real life, towns have zoning ordinances and standards to maintain beauty and fairness. Nobody wants to put all their time to build something beautiful just for another player to build an abomination right next to it.

We see ourselves as a republic with Laissez-Faire economics. America has a code of laws that’s supposed to uphold personal liberty and we intend to do the same. That means in lieu of banning players for allegations, we may actually hold court and will definitely hear the accused player’s defense. That being said, we will still ban players for being straight up toxic. We are getting rather tired of rude and evasive players joining, not reading the rules, and being unable to answer basic questions from the admins. 

Land Claims

Written by JerichoTorrent on 06/02/2023

Read the rules to know what is allowed and not allowed regarding land claiming. Some servers use WorldGuard or other protection plugins, while we use GriefPrevention. This allows players to get involved with protecting their own claim. Simply take a golden shovel, right click on a corner of the claim and again right click on an opposite corner to make a land claim. Keep in mind the claim blocks you have available; they increase as you play more. Admins will also reward players who contribute to the server with items, claim blocks, and access to farms. THIS ONLY RELATES TO THE SURVIVAL SERVER

Using a stick, right click on a block to see who has claimed it. You may NOT create a claim right next to someone else’s. Give them some space. You can also create a subdivision within your claim and give people specific trust levels within each subdivision. Check the list of commands for info about that. Keep in mind you can't create a subdivion within a subdivision. Spawn is protected by an admin claim and we will create subdivisions for each shop. Ask if you would like to create a shop.

The Creative Server

We now have a creative server. It is accessible with /server creative. This server is a PlotSquared server with custom road and plot generation. Players can claim one plot each in the default world. If you would like more plots, you need to buy them from the Plot Shop on the survival server, then redeem it by turning it into a mod. There are three plots available:

If you have more than one plot next to each other you can merge them by deciding which direction you would like to merge and typing /plot merge <direction, i.e. n, s, e, w>. There are similar rules on the creative server, mainly do not do anything to harm the server's health like building a lag machine.