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Welcome to the official website for the Torrent Network of Minecraft servers owned and created by JerichoTorrent.

Discover the secrets of alien influence and become immersed in our smart features on Torrent Network. We offer 3 highly developed cross-play Minecraft servers with ZERO LAG - Survival, Lifesteal, and SkyFactions (coming soon.)

Server Address:
Location: Ashburn, VA, USA

Minecraft Version: Java & Bedrock ➡️ Any version above 1.13!

Port for Bedrock: 19132

Latest Blog Post

How the Network Works

Written by JerichoTorrent on 07/14/2024


The Torrent Network functions through two separate instances of Velocity, a Minecraft proxy server software developed by the creators of PaperMC. A proxy server functions by routing incoming connections to a backend or origin server, which is usually only accessible on the same machine as the proxy server. The proxy server is the public facing instance, which verifies the authenticity of the user and allows incoming connections through the firewall. The backend servers (our SMP, Hub, Creative, Lifesteal and SkyFactions servers) are not accessible from the internet. The only way you can access them is by joining the proxy server first... Continue Reading


SMP: Experience challenging vanilla gameplay with custom content, epic quests, and immersive systems. Build and pilot ships, earn custom rewards, and become richer than Jeff Bezos!

Lifesteal MMORPG: Engage in thrilling gameplay where you lose a heart upon death but steal hearts from other players. Craft hearts, level up your skill tree, and conquer custom bosses.

Anarchy: With virtually no rules, hacks and dupes allowed, you can truly be the ruler of chaos! This is a simply Vanilla server with no game breaking plugins and no resource pack. No teleport commands either. Enjoy the Vanilla gameplay and trust no one!

SkyFactions (COMING SOON): New, completely original gamemode! Create an island, join a faction, and raid other islands for epic rewards!

We are a public network. Anyone can join, but we ask that you read the rules under the Server Rules tab and join our Discord if you want to. We are an active engaged community, so reach out and we will be happy to help! Want to read some more detailed guides about our systems? Check out our wiki!