Privacy Policy

Updated 6/23/2024


Privacy is extremely important to us as staff members of Torrent Network ("we," "us," "our," or Torrent Network.) Our stance on privacy is that you have a right to operate and navigate the internet, including joining our servers or using our services, without the needless collection of your data. However, there is certain data we must collect from users to administrate our services, as well as that which is required by the services we use. The types of data we collect and what we do with it is detailed here in our privacy policy. If you have any questions about privacy concerns or any other questions about what we do, please contact

What we collect

If you join our servers, we will collect your Minecraft username, UUID (universal unique identifier,) and your unsigned chat messages. As we are using chat formatting plugins, your messages sent in the servers are not signed cryptographically, and thus are translated into server messages. Therefore, the player reporting feature on our servers will not function. The reason we collect this data is two-fold. We do not attempt to obfuscate or encrypt data sent to the servers in order to perform administrative tasks such as: player management, i.e. bans, mutes, kicks, and managing permissions, as well as auditing chat logs to settle disputes. If any of our rules are broken, we use chat logs from our users to audit the in-game chat. The other reason we collect this data is that it is required by the services we use to host or run our respective services.

We also have command spy turned on so the administration team can see all commands you run on the network, as well as any in-game private messages (/msg, /tell, /pm, /r.) We also can see signs, books, item names, or anything else you do in the game. Furthermore, we collect logs of any messages in our Discord server, even if they are deleted.

Services we use that collect your information