Terms and Conditions

These terms were last updated on 06/23/2024.

Please read these terms completely. By using our products and services or joining our servers, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. These terms apply to the following:


"Network" means Torrent Network and any of its parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, agents with common ownership, employees, directors, contractors, and administrators. This is referred to as "We," "Us," and "Our."

"Service" means any copyright or trademarked materials, including without limitation our storylines, Discord Servers, Minecraft servers, other game servers, textures, models, events, unique non-playable-characters, proprietary plugins, proprietary resource packs, packages in our store, or any other materials unique to Torrent Network.

"Privacy Policy" means Torrent Network's policy regarding your privacy when using our Services, referenced herein and available on our website.

"Terms and Conditions" means these terms on this page, referenced as "Terms" and subject to change at any time without notice.

"Notice" means a delivered writing by courier, Federal Express, or email delivered by another party to the party's address. This is effective upon receipt of the writing.


Subject to the agreement outlined in these Terms and Conditions and continued compliance thereof, Torrent Network grants you a non-commercial, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, limited license, subject to these Terms and Conditions, for use by you for strictly entertainment purposes. You agree that you will not use this license for other purposes.


The Content is owned outright or licensed by Torrent Network and is protected by Intellectual Property Rights and any other rights laws. These rights are not granted to you unless explicitly stated in these terms.


Any purchases made by you are owned and licensed to Torrent Network. Torrent Network may, at any time, regulate, eliminate, or otherwise manage your purchase without notice provided to you. No liability is assumed by Torrent Network when you purchase from our store. The packages in our store are virtual currency that have no real monetary value, and we maintain a strict policy against reselling our packages to anyone at any time. We also maintain a strict no refund policy through our store. If you wish to query a refund request, you must do so through Tebex. If you attempt to refund our packages, your access to our network may be revoked.

Purchasing packages from our store does not grant you unlimited access to said package. The packages in this store are subject to change. Torrent Network has the right to revoke access to our Network at any time, regardless of circumstances, and regardless of packages purchased in our store. Revoked access to our Network does not constitute the right to a refund.

We partner with Tebex Limited (www.tebex.io), who are the official merchant of digital content produced by us. If you wish to purchase licenses to use digital content we produce, you must do so through Tebex as our licensed reseller and merchant of record. In order to make any such purchase from Tebex, you must agree to their terms, available at https://checkout.tebex.io/terms. If you have any queries about a purchase made through Tebex, including but not limited to refund requests, technical issues or billing inquiries, you should contact Tebex support at https://www.tebex.io/contact/checkout in the first instance.