FREQuently asked questions

Can I rtp/tpa/sethome on the survival server?

No. We have an integrated system of portals that lead to different districts. You can take the portal at spawn to get to the hub. If you use the random teleportation portal, you can set your spawn in a bed and create an access point (read the wiki or use /guide) to get back to the hub, or use /spawn. Then, taking the bed portal will lead you back to your base, an easy back and forth travel system to the hub. There is also a Teleportation Master NPC that can send TPA requests for you.

What's there to do on the SMP?

Oh just lots of stuff. You could jump right into the quest system which is a great introduction to the server. It'll give you a self-tour, get you used to the portal system, and get you enough money to get geared up how you see fit. You can vote for the server to earn cool rewards. You can grind for some building materials to build a moving spaceship, jet, or pirate ship. Or you can always just take the random teleporter, build a starter base, make an access point, and come back to the Torrent Districts later.

Can you add <insert plugin/mod here>?

Try and come up with a good reason and use case scenario before you ask this question. Also do keep in mind a server running on a fork of Bukkit cannot run Fabric/Forge mods, so there's no point in suggesting them. Basically if it's a mod, it's incompatible unless it's client side only.

Admin can you tp me?


Cracked server?


Can you give me op/admin?

Absolutely not.

Can I build a shop on survival?

Yes, a small stand or shack in the bazaar area of the shopping district is cool, just tell us what you're doing and we'll give you a plot. If you want to make a full-sized shop, you will need to submit some sort of plan, idea, drawing, or build schematic to us for review. It needs to stick to the theme of modern-fantasy and follow building regulations.

Can I build a shop on lifesteal? Is there a shopping district/market?

With warps and tpa, a shopping district isn't absolutely necessary, but we are working on a plan for the Lifesteal Nexus, which will have a market. There is already a /shop command where you can buy certain items, but it could be sold for less in a shop to drive business. We'll work it out someday.

Can I buy a creative plot?

Yes, you can either purchase a plot from our webstore, or spend $25k in in-game money at the plot shop at 60 Main Street on the survival server.

Can I invite my friend?

Yes, just give them the IP and feel free to invite them to the Discord server.

Is this allowed?

Any question about what is allowed on the server is answered by the server rules. If by chance it is not there, then you may ask.

I accidentally broke something and I don’t think the player who owned it is online, what do I do?

Try your best to fix it. If it can’t be fixed, leave a sign saying what happened and how you plan to make it right. If the land is claimed and you can’t place a sign, use /mail send <player name> <message> and describe what happened. If you can’t figure out who owns it, can’t fix it, and can’t place a sign, then you may ask in chat.

Why is this broken?

If you see a bug, please don't just complain about it in chat. Our preferred way of bug reports and support is using #create-a-ticket in Discord.

What difficulty are we playing on?

Hard. I know this may turn new players off, but many people like playing on the hardest difficulty as Minecraft can become incredibly easy with good gear.

When is SkyFactions coming out?

Likely sometime in October, 2024.